Tech Brilliance Unveiled as Informatics Powered AYA SOMPO Insurance’s Victory at Insurance Asia Awards 2023


Informatics International Limited (IIL), a leader in IT software, Infrastructure solutions, and services, proudly announced the resounding achievement of its esteemed customer in Myanmar, AYA SOMPO Insurance, at the prestigious Insurance Asia Awards 2023. AYA SOMPO Insurance secured the coveted […]

Informatics International Limited (IIL), a leader in IT software, Infrastructure solutions, and services, proudly announced the resounding achievement of its esteemed customer in Myanmar, AYA SOMPO Insurance, at the prestigious Insurance Asia Awards 2023. AYA SOMPO Insurance secured the coveted “Technology Excellence Initiative of the Year – Myanmar” award, a testament to the outstanding strength and innovation of Informatics’ advanced insurance software solutions.   

Mr. Myo Min Thu, CEO of AYA SOMPO Insurance, adds, “Our collaboration with Informatics has been instrumental in our journey towards growth and excellence. The power of their technology has played a central role in our achievement of this prestigious award. This award inspires us to reach even greater heights and reinforces our belief in the power of partnership to shape a brighter technological future. Together, we will continue to provide simple and accessible insurance solutions through new digital capabilities and shape the future of insurance in Myanmar.”

Through its transformative technology, Informatics has played a pivotal role in AYA SOMPO Insurance’s remarkable success story, earning them industry recognition for their pioneering approach to insurance operations. This award highlights the exceptional impact of Informatics’ software in driving innovation, streamlining processes, and elevating customer experience within the insurance sector. Since establishing a partnership in 2016, AYA SOMPO Insurance has harnessed the transformative capabilities of Informatics’ flagship product, InfoIns, to digitally reshape its General and Life insurance operations. InfoIns, a holistic, web-enabled insurance software solution, empowers insurers to cultivate a digital-forward landscape that is flexible, scalable, and customer-centric.

Through its adoption of InfoIns, AYA SOMPO Insurance has achieved substantial operational enhancements, including the reduction of overhead costs and amplification of overall efficiency. This strategic integration has facilitated the elimination of low-value processes, resulting in heightened productivity levels. Moreover, the seamless integration capabilities of InfoIns facilitated through API integrations, have not only facilitated effortless collaboration with external applications but have also embraced open standards, setting a precedent for streamlined interactions. 

Shiraz Lye, CEO of IIL, further expressed his thoughts by saying, “Our partnership with AYA SOMPO Insurance exemplifies the transformative power of technology in the insurance landscape. We are immensely proud of AYA SOMPO Insurance’s outstanding achievement, which stands as a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and excellence. This award not only celebrates their success but also reinforces our dedication to empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions.”   

This remarkable accolade sheds light on the symbiotic relationship between Informatics and AYA SOMPO Insurance, showcasing how the innovative software solution has significantly contributed to AYA SOMPO Insurance’s notable accomplishment. By collaborating closely, Informatics and AYA SOMPO Insurance have revolutionized the insurance industry, setting a new standard for technological advancement and strategic partnership.  

The success of AYA SOMPO Insurance emphasizes the efficacy of Informatics’ software solution, with tangible outcomes that reinforce its ability to drive positive change. Informatics continues to inspire and shift perceptions, positioning itself as an indispensable catalyst for innovation and success across various industries. As the driving force behind AYA SOMPO Insurance’s award-winning accomplishment, Informatics looks forward to embarking on new partnerships that drive technological evolution and redefine excellence.  

IIL is a leading provider of global integrated information system solutions, spearheading digital transformation and fostering innovation within the IT industry. The company enables businesses, governments, and communities to flourish in the digital age.  


About AYA SOMPO Insurance:

AYA SOMPO Insurance, a prominent general insurance provider, is spearheading a revolution in the insurance sector throughout Myanmar. With its headquarters strategically located in the vibrant heart of Yangon’s downtown, the company extends comprehensive coverage and tranquility to tens of thousands of clients.

Encompassing 45 cities and supported by a workforce of over 570 dedicated professionals, AYA SOMPO Insurance amalgamates local proficiency with global acumen, standing proudly as a member of a significant financial conglomerate. The company’s allegiance to the UN Global Compact emphasizes its unwavering commitment to ethical standards. 

About Informatics International Limited:

Informatics stands tall as a trailblazing leader in Software Development and Information System Solutions provision, leaving an indelible mark on the Insurance, eGovernment, and Utilities Billing sectors. With a legacy spanning over four decades, the company has consistently redefined technological boundaries, shaping the course of industries. Informatics’ mission remains steadfast: to deliver agile, forward-looking, and sustainable technology solutions that propel its customers toward success while setting new benchmarks for the field. Operating across 20 countries and spanning 4 continents, the recent celebration of 40 years signifies a remarkable journey that highlights Informatics’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

For more information:  Bhagya Gunasekera, Informatics International [email protected] | +94-11-532-2900

Media Contact: Lakshani Perera | [email protected]

Photo Caption – Mr. Myo Min Thu, CEO of AYA SOMPO Insurance and Shiraz Lye, CEO of Informatics International Limited (IIL).

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